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Our Journals

S.No Journal Name Abbr URL Scope Submission Link ISSN-P ISSN-E HEC (HJRS)
1 Global Pharmaceutical Sciences Review GPSR Visit Visit Visit 2788-5569 2788-5445 Link
2 Global Drug Design & Development Review GDDDR Visit Visit Visit 2788-497X 2788-4120 Link
3 Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review GIIDR Visit Visit Visit 2788-4961 2788-4120 Link
Social Sciences
S.No Journal Name Abbr URL Scope Submission Link ISSN-P ISSN-E HEC Link
4 Global Social Sciences Review GSSR Visit Visit Visit 2520-0348 2616-793X Link
5 Global Regional Review GRR Visit Visit Visit 2616-955X 2663-7030 Link
6 Global Economics Review GER Visit Visit Visit 2521-2974 2707-0093 Link
7 Global Political Review GPR Visit Visit Visit 2521-2982 2707-4587 Link
8 Global Sociological Review GSR Visit Visit Visit 2708-2091 2708-3586 Link
9 Global Strategic & Security Studies Review GSSSR Visit Visit Visit 2708-2121 2708-3616 Link
10 Global Legal Studies Review GLSR Visit Visit Visit 2708-2458 2708-2466 Link
11 Global Educational Studies Review GESR Visit Visit Visit 2708-2113 2708-3608 Link
12 Global Management Sciences Review GMSR Visit Visit Visit 2708-2474 2708-2482 Link
13 Global Mass Communication Review GMCR Visit Visit Visit 2708-2105 2709-9458 Link
14 Global Anthropological Studies Review GASR Visit Visit Visit 2788-4678 2788-466X Link
15 Globla Foreign Policies Review GFPR Visit Visit Visit 2788-502X 2788-5038 Link
16 Global Pakistan Studies Research Review GPSRR Visit Visit Visit 2788-5003 2788-5275 Link
17 Global International Relations Review GIRR Visit Visit Visit 2788-5054 2788-5062 Link
18 Global Physical Education & Sports Sciences Review GPESSR Visit Visit Visit 2788-5070 2788-5089 Link
19 Global Digital & Print Media Review GDPMR Visit Visit Visit 2788-4988 2788-4945 Link
20 Global Multimedia Review GMMR Visit Visit Visit 2788-4996 2788-4953 Link
Arts and Humanities
S.No Journal Name Abbr URL Scope Submission Link ISSN-P ISSN-E HEC Link
21 Global Language Review GLR Visit Visit Visit 2663-329 2663-3841 Link

Our Vision

To grant a plinth for individuals to share their initiatives and estimations regarding all the concerns prevailing in our society. We give self-assurance to the individuals to innovate independently, irrespective of their political, communal, regional and ethnical basis, so that we can generate an air where all the members collaborate, interrelate and correspond with reference to all of the pertaining matters and approach with healthy-wealthy solutions.

Well-conducted research is vital to the success of global social endeavors. Not only our research forms the foundation of policies all over the world, but it can also be translated into effective global social welfare programs. Humanity Publications shall draw its power from the fact that it is empirical rather than theorizing only because it encourages researchers to go out into the field and design studies to provide the policymakers solid data that can be confidently utilized while taking concrete decisions. Our faith in quality of research produces result that are verified and validated by peers, methodologies that can be replicated, and knowledge that can be applied in real-world.