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If you accept the reviewer's responsibilities, you must treat the materials you receive as confidential documents. This means you can’t share them with anyone without prior authorization from the editor. Since peer review is confidential, you also must not share information about the review with anyone without permission from the editors and authors.

If you accept the agreement for becoming a Reviewer and you receive an article for reviewing, it is not mandatory to go through it. You have the choice to review it or regret it.

By submitting this form, I accept the invitation to become an Advisory member or Reviewer of Humanity Publications’ Journals listed below. I will present my services wherever my expertise falls.


1. Global Social Sciences Review (GSSR)
2. Global Regional Review (GRR)
3. Global Economics Review (GER)
4. Global Political Review (GPR)
5. Global Language Review (GLR)
6. Global Management Sciences Review (GMSR)
7. Global Mass Communications Review (GMCR)
8. Global Sociological Review (GSR)
9. Global Educational Studies Review (GESR)
10. Global Legal Studies Review (GLSR)
11. Global Strategic & Security Studies Review (GSSSR)
12. Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review (GIIDR)
13. Global Drug Design & Development Review (GDDDR)
14. Global Pharmaceutical Sciences Review (GPSR)
15. Global International Relations Review (GIRR)
16. Global Pakistan Studies Research Review (GPSRR)
17. Global Foreign Policies Review (GFPR)
18. Global Physical Education and Sports Sciences Review (GPESSR)
19. Global Multimedia Review (GMR)
20. Global English Linguistic Research Review (GELRR)
21. Global Linguistics & Literature Review (GLLR)