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Global Sociological Review

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Global Sociological Review (GSR) is a research initiative of Humanity Only (HO) with the backing of Humanity Research Council (HRC) - an organ of Humanity Development Society (HDS). GSR focuses promotion of the best practices and standards in research through publication and sponsorship of original pieces of research, reviews, articles, survey reports and commentaries pertaining to the issues and debates related to sociology, social policy and social problems of national, regional and global scope. GSR is quarterly, triple-blind peer-reviewed research journal of social sciences adopting a multidisciplinary approach. It publishes the major disciplines/ fields within sociology i.e. Basic & Applied Sociology, Anthropology, Social Change & Development, Social Psychology, Deviance and Crime, Demography & Population Studies, Social Wok and Gender Studies. Sociological scope is envisioned in this journal as widely spanning across allied disciplines, therefore, the editors take interest in interdisciplinary studies with sociological concerns. Details are available at

Journal Details

  • Title Global Sociological Review
  • Short Title GSR
  • ISSN-P 2708-2091
  • ISSN-E 2708-3586
  • DOI 10.31703/gsr
  • Language English
  • Starting Year 2016
  • Circulation 2000
  • Publication Frequency Quarterly