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Global Regional Review

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Global Regional Review (GRR) Journal was launched by Humanity Only (HO) as part of research activity directed by Humanity Research Council (HRC): a branch of Humanity Development Council (HDS). GRR Journal as member and product of this family of research driven bodies ensures best research practices in studying regions and regional issues and problems in the national and global context. GRR Journal promotes disciplinary, interdisciplinary, intra-disciplinary and multidisciplinary theories, policies, and empirical studies, qualitative and quantitative researches belonging to economy, society, politics, geography, anthropology, art, architecture, languages, history, culture, technology and environment of Pakistan with special reference to regional areas and powers. Like other journals in this family, GRR Journal is an annual, triple-blind peer-reviewed research journal covering major regions such as Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. GRR Journal adopts a broad perspective in the identification of regions, therefore, all researches whether they have a sub-national or supra-national orientation are welcomed.

Journal Details

  • Title Global Regional Review
  • Short Title GRR
  • ISSN-P 2616-955X
  • ISSN-E 2663-7030
  • DOI 10.31703/grr
  • Language English
  • Starting Year 2016
  • Circulation 2000
  • Publication Frequency Quarterly