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Global Foreign Policies Review

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Global Foreign Policies Review (GFPR) was introduced by Humanity Only (HO) through the research project sponsored and guided by Humanity Research Council (HRC) - a sub-body of Humanity Development Society (HDS). GFPR intends to promote qualitative and quantitative researches and findings with the help of newly emerging tools and patterns utilized in experiments, observations, interviews, analysis and surveys by encircling all major segments of Foreign Policies and its academic and research disciplines. GFPR is a double-blind peer-reviewed research journal which encompasses major disciplines of Foreign Policies.

Journal Details

  • Title Global Foreign Policies Review
  • Short Title GFPR
  • ISSN-P 2788-502X
  • ISSN-E 2788-5038
  • DOI 10.31703/gfpr
  • Language English
  • Starting Year 2018
  • Circulation 2000
  • Publication Frequency Annual

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